Reiki Space’s 8D Guided Visualisation Launch

Reiki Space’s 8D Guided Visualisation Launch

Reiki Space has hosted many live events over the years using guided meditations and visualisations combined with energy work and healing sound. Our tribe love to sit in circle, lay back, relax, and take their minds off to another place. I love offering new sound experiences combined with the magical energy of journeying to other worlds.

With the unprecedented recent events, I wanted a new medium to reach out and connect with our tribe. If they couldn’t come to me, then I would come to them, on a whole new level!

How could I recreate our immersive live experiences for people at home? I couldn’t be in our circle space and drum around people while they lay deep in meditation. So, I set about producing an audio experience to recreate the feeling of being with me at my live events, I wanted our tribe back in the room with me.

I have worked with a fantastic audio team and have produced what I feel is a unique and immersive audio experience. People are looking for the next level of textured audio spiritual experience following this enforced isolated reflective period.

The Reiki Space 8D guided visualisation audio download was born!

What is “8D Audio”?

8D audio is the effect of music surrounding and moving gently around you. The effect is created using binaural mixing and panning the audio between two areas.
The experience is achieved by wearing headphones which creates the illusion of a 360-degree space. “8D audio” is well suited to ambient music and the mixing technique can create a really immersive environment.

What are 8D Guided Visualisations?

8D Guided Visualisations use the immersive listening experience of 8D audio to enhance meditation & guided imagery practices.
The rotating audio structure experience allows listeners a more profound and transformative meditation.
With the use of headphones, 8D Guided Visualisations take people on limitless journeys!

Things you may notice after listening to an 8D Guided Visualisation 

  • Calmness and relaxation
  • Motivation
  • Confidence
  • Fear Releasing
  • Worthiness
  • Creativity
  • Sense of purpose
  • Increased awareness
  • Stronger sense of mindfulness

CLICK HERE to download a Reikispace 8D Guided Visualisation

1st in the Series –
“Journey To The Celtic Otherworld”

With “Journey to the Celtic Otherworld”, the premier audio of the Reikispace 8D Guided Visualisation series, you will be guided to the furthest place West: the Celtic Otherworld.

The Celtic Otherworld is a place of heightened reality to the West where gods and goddesses dwell, and where all personal potentials are revealed. The Otherworld overlaps our ordinary reality. It is not a place of ghosts or horrors. Instead there are bounties of salmon, magical feasts, clan fire circles, shapeshifters, giants and wise people, all with a lesson to teach us.

In this new age, where many are striving to make changes in their lives and align themselves with ancient belief-systems, the Celtic Otherworld and its lessons offers us a way of looking at alternative realities and is a life-enhancing celebration of our own personal voyage through life and beyond. The Celts were a clan of the elements and you will often find them referenced in the otherworld. There are various guardians too, these will protect boundaries and offer guidance. They come in forms of trees, animals or monks or medicine people.

Boats and the sea are often included in the Otherworld and are the vehicle by which the Otherworld is reached. There may be mists over the sea, or seas as clear as glass.
Salmon are one of the most important otherworldly animals in Celtic tradition associated with memory, inspiration and abundance. There are also pigs, birds, falcons, cattle, horses (the Celts loved their horses!) and ants, all with wisdom to share.

Hermits are featured symbolising self-control, spiritual reserves, nourishment and solitude. You may also discover your ancestors there and can seek connection to your spiritual foundation or belonging. You may discover mills, forges and blacksmiths representing harvest, transformation and abundance. Look out for gods, goddesses and their priests and priestesses, druids and the Fae in crystal castles. Perhaps you will stumble upon silver nets, crystal raindrops, rainbow streams, silver bells, labyrinths and spirals. Consider yourself blessed if you discover an apple from an otherworldly tree offering wholeness and healing, a silver branch with nine bells allowing you to forget or remember, a hazelnut offering wisdom or an eight-spoked wheel signifying a new cycle in your life.

All this and so much more lays waiting for you to discover in the Celtic Otherworld.

“Come let us build the ship of the future.
In an ancient pattern that journeys far.
Come let us set sail for the always islands
From the seas of leaving to the summer stars”
Robin Williamson