Reiki Space – Journey to the Celtic Otherworld

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If you enjoy guided meditation, we think you will love our premier 8D Guided Visualisation audio release!
“Journey to the Celtic Otherworld” is a unique blend of meditation & guided visualisation.
Using our subtle 8D audio techniques, enjoy the feeling of our tribal drumming “surrounding you.” “Step onto the boat.” and let us guide you on this truly immersive journey!

Duration: 27 mins

Click here to listen to a 30 second excerpt

SKU: RS/8D01.

With “Journey to the Celtic Otherworld”, we will guide you to the furthest place West: the Celtic Otherworld. 
The Celtic Otherworld is a place of heightened reality to the West where gods and goddesses dwell, and where all personal potentials are revealed. The Otherworld overlaps our ordinary reality. It is not a place of ghosts or horrors. Instead there are bounties of salmon, magical feasts, clan fire circles, shapeshifters, giants and wise people, all with a lesson to teach us. 

The Celtic Otherworld and its lessons offer us a way of looking at alternative realities and is a life-enhancing celebration of our own personal voyage through life and beyond.

“Step onto the boat, you see your own reflection in the glassy waters, what else do you see?”

Duration: 27 mins

Click here to listen to a 30 second excerpt

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4 reviews for Reiki Space – Journey to the Celtic Otherworld

  1. Helen Blomberg

    This was an exquisite Journey, so unique and of the highest quality. Nina has produced something very special and mastered the blending of sound and visualisation to a new level. I felt wonderfully calm and centred after embarking on this and look forward to further experiences with Reiki Space

  2. Amanda

    An absolutely spellbinding experience. Nina’s guided relaxation is woven with magic and great attention to detail. Such a rich experience of sound, enquiry and healing. This coupled with the truly transformative soundscape is quite simply divine. Thank you Nina 🌸🙏🏻🌸

  3. Tom A

    A wonderful product! I love this guided visualisation and have enjoyed it many times since I first discovered it. Perfect pacing which keeps you moving forward throughout the whole experience and Nina’s ability to guide through her words and imagery has been so valuable in furthering my own abilities in exploring my inner world and discovering more about myself. I highly recommend Nina’s Journey to the Celtic Otherworld!

  4. Nancy

    This is a fabulous meditation I will listen to over and over again. I came away feeling relaxed, cleansed and empowered. Thank you xx

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