Akashic Records/Past Life/Soul Retrieval

Akashic Records

Past Life

Soul Retrieval

Akashic Records/Past Life/Soul Retrieval

I am a 5th generation Akashic Records Practitioner.

The Akashic Records are the records of each individual soul and the pathways taken. They are referred to as the ‘Book of Life’. The Akashic Records can be thought of as a library of energy that is an expanding, a living breathing energy field.

Every life experience, every thought, word, emotion and action is recorded by every one of us and kept in the Akashic Records library.

I am able to access the Akashic Field to open your records and gain information from the past, present and future to identify what blocks have been created and to release these patterns to allow change.

We can look at why you have addictive patterns, why you choose the relationships you have and how the Akashic Records reading can give you the freedom to choose “grace” to be at one with the life you live today and be in the now.

These readings have proved invaluable in business and finance for direction, giving detailed descriptions of life scenarios, relationships, business partners, locations to be in the world at the right time and right place.

Preparation for a Remote Consultation

Make a list of 7 questions that you would like answered. Consider the areas of your life - health, relationships, family, career, creativity.

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