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About Me

I am a wife and mother of two girls, a Usui Reiki Master Teacher (regulated by the UK Reiki Federation) , Accredited Gong practitioner and teacher, Akashic Records Practitioner and Energy land & Space clearing Practitioner. I have a diploma in Astral Projection and am a Sister of the Norfolk Goddess Temple. I am based in North East Essex.

I have studied  Mahayana Buddhism & meditation over 15 years & have had White Tara & Avalokiteshvara tantric empowerments. I have also received the Shamanic nine empowerment rites. I also have a special interest in Celtic shamanism.

I have always been sensitive & empathic from childhood. In my young adult life I carried with me a yearning for SOMETHING MORE, but I couldn't put my finger on it.

I began studying the Buddhist principles 15 years ago, this was the first step on my spiritual path. I went on to be taught by the most fantastic Reiki Masters, Gong Masters, Dowsers, Shamans, Psychic Mediums & Priestesses.

Now, I run my own spiritual wellness organisation REIKISPACE

Via Reikispace I offer:

✧  Akashic readings
✧  Gong baths & Gong training
✧  Reiki training & treatments
✧  Shamanic empowerments
✧  Cacao ceremonies
✧  Drum journeys
✧  Women's circles
✧  Energetic Space Clearing
✧  Energy workshops & retreats


ღ  I can help you create the LIFE YOU LONG TO LIVE & to understand, heal & utilise your creative life energy
ღ  I can help you learn to recognise the DEEPER PARTS of your being. This includes your inner light & shadow
ღ  I can help you honour your soul's longing. WHAT HAVE YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO BE? This deeper source of love, light & life within you is more powerful than you ever would imagine!
ღ  I invite you to begin this journey with me when we are able to gather again. Choose an event or session & let it be YOUR JOURNEY, unique & personal
ღ  Let yourself BE WHO YOU REALLY ARE. Shine your light. Come with me into the most wonderful you. The you that you have longed for all your life




☥  Certified Reiki Master Teacher
☥  Certified Crystal Healer
☥  Certified Angelic Healer
☥  Certified & Accredited Gong Practitioner
☥  Certified Women's Circle Facilitator
☥  Certified Magical Herbalist
☥  Receiver of the Shamanic Munay-Ki 9 rites of initiation
☥  15 years of Mahayana Buddist practice including meditation, White Tara & Avalokiteshvara Empowerments
☥  Certified Akashic Records Practitioner
☥  An ordained Priestess (3 year course) trained in ceremony, oracle work, celtic drum journey, scrying, the Divine Feminine & embodiment
☥  A certified Energetic Space Clearing Practitioner (with entity release), an Earth Alchemist & Dowser
☥  Certified in Astral Projection


It’s not about a guru that can save you anymore, it’s about taking life into your own hands and learning to save yourself. YOU are the one you’ve been waiting for.