Home & Land Energetic Space Clearing



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Home & Land Energetic Space Clearing

I am a certified Space Clearing and Earth Alchemy Practitioner. I offer space clearing of your home, office or land. If you are purchasing a new home, having trouble selling the home you are in or having health issues or problems in your home, or are building on land then space clearing can bring enormous change.

When the energy of land is traumatised it can affect the homes we live in and the space we work in. I am trained to work with Geopathic Stress, Entities, Predecessor Chi, Portals, Crystal Grids, Earth Acupuncture and ceremony to create a really happy space.

After dowsing and balancing the energy of your space, I can then work to bring in more positive energy, the sort that brings good luck, peace, health and happiness, positivity and a clear way forward in the lives of those living there.

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