Shamanic Drum Journey Workshops.

Shamanic Drum Journey Workshops.

When most of us think of the word shaman, we think of a spiritual person with a funny headdress, chanting, in an exotic country and steeped in mysterious powers.

Shamanism is actually a spiritual practice that has been about for 1000's of years. The word shaman is used when speaking of a person with extraordinary spiritual abilities and has come to mean one who ‘sees’ in the darkness, one who ‘knows’ and spiritual healer.

The fact that shamanism has survived throughout the ages is a testament to the potency of the work. The shaman is a mediator between this world and the invisible world of energy and spirit.

After spending time with two great shamans and a magnificent healer, I quickly learned that everything that exists is alive, has a spirit and also that there is a field of energy that connects all of us to all of life…The web of life.

One of the most common ceremonies of shamanism is the drum journey which is used to access spiritual guidance and healing and to reconnect with nature.

Journeying is a way to become empowered in life, and it shines a light when we stray from our life paths or experience dark times. Journeying gives us the ability to problem-solve for ourselves.

In workshops, I perform a variety of drum and rattle journeys to honour the life and the spirit of all things. By doing this we begin to live a life of harmony. We journey to get answers to some of our most burning personal questions and use the support of helping spirits to find joy in life.

In journeying, I encourage people to relax and to begin to ‘see’ through their heart rather than their eyes to help them as they journey into the ‘otherworld’ for wisdom and clarity.
I use percussion to achieve an altered/deep meditation state. This state is conducive to journeying and allowing the universe to reveal the answers to questions in whatever form the enquirer is most receptive to. It also allows people to receive the spiritual healing needed for their wellbeing.

Some benefits reported from journeying are;

  • A sense of well-being.
  • The knowledge that you are not alone. Improved coping skills.
  • The ability to remain resilient in tough times.
  • Feeling calmer.
  • Feeling more joyful.
  • Reaching greater life awareness.

If you feel like you would like to strengthen your connection with the web of life and gain clarity on a burning life issue, I’d encourage you to give journeying a go in a 121 workshop with me in Castle Hedingham (CO9).

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