Starseed – A Galactic Journey to your Mother Star

Starseed – A Galactic Journey to your Mother Star

Since I was a little girl, I’ve had a feeling of not being from here, a nagging feeling of being different or a bit odd.

Now I know there is a saying ‘we are all made of stars’ but I really think that some of us are.

It has actually been quite upsetting at times as it makes you feel as if you don’t belong and leaves you with a homesick feeling that you can’t seem to do much about.

It is only since I began on my spiritual path that I realised I am not the only one that felt this way. “I know, I feel it too” they would whisper and we’d both look around to see if anyone had overheard as we knew how crazy the words sounded. We were not from here, we came from somewhere else. We had all grown up keeping it a secret – let’s face it, it’s not the type of thing you tell your mates or put on a dating website is it?!

So, I set about finding out how to get ‘there’. I studied and qualified in Astral Projection and meditation and went zooming into space in my mind, I got used to travelling into the void and floating and discovering – but this isn’t how I found my Mother Star.

I am a Reiki and Angelic healer and one day, during a self-treatment I heard “we’re going to take you up” and a being of light moved towards me, tied a silver cord around me and up we went.

As I saw my Mother Star such a powerful feeling of belonging came over me. I seemed to recognise the bright colours of pinks and purples like powdery gases in the star’s atmosphere.

Light beings greeted me, they gave me healing and unconditional love, concern and they made it clear that they have being watching over me and cheering me on. They missed me and I knew that I missed them which is why it is never a good idea to visit for too long.

I visit to this day and every time I protect my energy it is them I connect to as they beam a sparkling pink/purple energy down towards me. Visiting there, knowing my Mother Star has helped me feel more content on Earth.

So, I wrote this guided meditation as I want all the Starseeds, that have ever felt like I have, to have a chance to journey and connect with their galactic home and feel that unconditional love and contentment.